Journey’s End

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Set in a dug-out near St Quentin just before the last great German offensive, the play has the quiet, unforced moral authority that comes from first-hand experience. Sheriff had seen active service at the front. Part of the play’s power derives from the loving intimacy with which it depicts day-to-day life in the trenches – drawing attention to details like the soldierly distraction of organising earwig races, the long periods of uncanny quiet between bombardments, or the odd bodily reaction of men about to go on a dangerous mission.

Cast & Crew


2nd Lieutenant Hibbert
2nd Lieutenant Raleigh
2nd Lieutenant Trotter
A German soldier
Captain Hardy
Captain Stanhope
Company Sergeant-Major
Lance-Corporal Broughton
Lieutenant Osborne
Private Mason
The Colonel


Assistant stage manager
Stage manager


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  1. On 22nd May 2010 at 4:26 p.m., Richard Mangan noted:

    Special performance in aid of the ‘Not Forgotten’ Association

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