Bird In Hand

The Stage – 17 Jan 1929
Sir Barry Jackson is sending a company in Bird in Hand on tour. They open at the New Oxford, next week. The company includes Misses Enid Clark and Margaret Collier, Messrs. Percy Rhodes, John McCormick, Percy Goodyer, Richard Littledale, and Ernest Bodkin. The manager of the company is Mr. Alec Barr, the stage-manager Mr. A. W. Beale, the assistant stage-manager Mr. Rex Walter, and the publicity manager Mr. Reginald Phillips. The towns to be visited are Westcliff, New Brighton, Hull, Woolwich (1), Cambridge, Hanley, Cheltenham, Hastings, Brighton, Richmond, Bristol, Stratford, Mar gate, Croydon, Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay, Swansea, and Birmingham.

(1) After researching this tour I cannot find any reference to the company performing at Woolwich

Birmingham Repertory Theatre production

Cast & Crew


Alice Greenleaf
Cyril Beverley
Gerald Arnwood
Joan Greenleaf
Mr Blanquet
  (credited as Percy R Goodyer)
Sir Robert Arnwood
Thomas Greenleaf
Ambrose Godolphin
  (21st January – 11th February 1929)
Ambrose Godolphin
  (25th February – 29th June 1929)




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Play description

Began in September 1927, Birmingham Repertory Theatre with a cast including Peggy Ashcroft and Laurence Olivier.

Royalty Theatre London run started on 18 April 1928 and continued until March 1929. The first provincial run started in August 1928.

Photo credits

  • programme cover, Other public domain
  • Torquay Pavilion programme cover, Other public domain


  1. On 11th July 2021 at 11:13 a.m., ovaltrack noted:

    I believe that the original Bristol programme archive contained errors – Richard Bodkin was listed elsewhere as Ernest Bodkin and Richard McCormick should be John McCormick.

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