Dr. Syn

Lengthy tour, divided into ‘spring’ and ‘autumn’ sections, with a number of variations in cast and a pause from mid-June to mid-July.

The producer credit for Sybil Thorndike (Russell Thorndike’s sister) and her husband Lewis Casson seems to have been applied rather loosely, and mainly to the first half of the tour.

With a change of director and several changes in cast, this production was mounted as a Christmas attraction at London’s Strand Theatre in December 1927 (qv).

Cast & Crew


A Preventive Man
Boatswain (replacement)
Captain Howard Collyer RN
Denis Cobtree
Dr Syn
Master Woodlands
Mr Harding
Mr Harding (replacement)
Mr Mipps
Mr Rash
Mrs Waggetts
Sir Anthony Cobtree
The Mulatto
The Mulatto (replacement)


Director / General Manager
Stage Manager


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Play description

When first presented for a one-off performance on 11th October 1925, this adaptation of Russell Thorndike’s novel was attributed solely to Ivan Firth. By the time a revised version reached the West End in December 1927, it was credited as: ‘a play of adventure on the Romney Marsh, in the County of Kent, adapted (with the assistance of Ivan Firth) by Russell Thorndike, from his novel of the same name’.


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