The Bat

This production was attended by the King and Queen on the evening of Saturday 4th March 1922. (‘Chit Chat: Royalty at the Play’, The Stage 9th March 1922, page 12.)

Cast & Crew


An Unknown Man
An Unknown Man (replacement)
Anderson (replacement)
Billy (replacement)
Dr Wells
Miss Cornelia Van Gorder
Miss Dale Ogden
Reginald Beresford
Richard Fleming
Richard Fleming (replacement)


Sole Lessee & Manager
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager


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Play description

Creepy 1920s mystery-thriller (the model for many future plays), about hidden loot in an old dark house.

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  1. On 16th January 2020 at 11:25 p.m., wilbram01 noted:

    Note –

    The authors and management request the audience not to divulge the solution of the mystery. The pleasure of future patrons will be enhanced if they, like yourselves, are kept in suspense until the final curtain.

    250th Performance Wednesday 30th August 1922

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