What Every Woman Knows

Cast & Crew


Alick Wylie
Comtesse de la Briere
David Wylie
James Wylie
John Shand
Lady Sybil Tenterden
Maggie Wylie
Mr. Feikie, of Glasgow
The Hon. Mr. Vennables


Acting Manager & Treasurer
General Manager
Stage Manager


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  1. On 16th January 2020 at 12:33 p.m., wilbram01 noted:

    “I Remeber – ”
    Mr. Henry Vibart.

    I like golf, and I have played for many years. But no one has yet called me a good golfer.

    For all that, I recall with pride an event of almost 12 years ago. I won a cup in a tournament……

    It was the Stage Golfing Society’s Cup that I won !

    The tournament took place on a very rainy day, and, on my way to the course, I felt that my chances were even worse than usual.

    However, only five of us turned up – and we played ! What a game !

    I won the Cup ! and it happened this way. Three of the players did so badly – nearly as badly as I did – and did not trouble to send in their cards. The fourth man – he was – would you believe it – disqualified !

    Taken from the programme “What Every Woman Knows” The Apollo Theatre, London 1923

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