Richard II

Cast & Crew


A Gardener
A Lady
A Lady
Bishop of Carlisle
Bushey; Lord Fitzwater; Sir Pierce of Exton
Duchess of Gloucester
Duke of Aumerle; A Groom of the Stable
Duke of Surrey; Captain of Welsh band
Duke of York
Earl of Northumberland
Green; T/O Servant to Exton
Henry Bolingbroke
Henry Percy
Jester; Under-gardener; T/O Henry Percy
John of Gaunt
King Richard II
Lady attending on the Queen
Lord Berkeley; T/O Duke of Surrey
Lord Ross; Earl of Salisbury; A Gaoler
Lord Willoughby
Queen to King Richard
Servant to York; T/O Under-gardener
T/O Captain of Welsh band
Thomas Mowbray; Sir Stephen Scroop


Scenery and costumes
Stage Management


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