Mary Stuart

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Written in 1800, this adaptation is visually stripped back. The play focuses on an imaginary meeting between Mary and Elizabeth I. The two actresses play the two roles at random.

Cast & Crew


Count Aubespine, Ambassador from the court of France/Sir William Davidon, the Queen’s secretary
Hannah Kennedy, Mary’s companion
Lord Burleigh, Lord High Treasurer
Mary Stuart
Queen Elizabeth I
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester
Sir Amias Paulet, Governor of Fotheringay
Sir Edward Mortimer, Paulet’s nephew/Sir Andrew Melvil, friend of Mary
Talbot, Lord Privy Seal


Deputy Stage Manager
Lighting Designer
Movement Support
Production Assistant
Production Manager
Production Technician
Props Master
Scenic Designer
Sound Designer
Staff Stage Manager
Stage Manager
Voice Support
Wardrobe Assistant
Wardrobe Mistress

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