Julius Caesar

Directed by Trevor Nunn with John Barton, Buzz Goodbody and Euan Smith Designed by Christopher Morley with Ann Curtis

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  1. On 20th July 2014 at 2:18 p.m., nba1943 noted:

    The audience grows silent as the lights dim and the distant sound of drums is hear. Then as the drums grow louder a light reflects center stage off the only thing that can be seen….row after row of deadly spear blades which move in rhythm to the drums. Slowly the entire stage turns from downstage to upstage on its massive grid of lifts so that the effect we the audience experience is the sight of what seemed like a legion of the Roman Army marching over a hill towards us in full battle armor as the drums grow louder and the lights brighter. Our reactions flash from amazement and fear to reflection and respect. One of the great experiences in life that I shall never forget.

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