The Merry Wives of Windsor

Cast & Crew


Abraham Slender, Shallow’s nephew
Anne Page
Bardolph, a follower of Falstaff
Doctor Caius, a French physician
Fenton, a young gentleman
Frank Ford, a citizen of Windsor
George Page, a citizen of Windsor
John Rugby
Mistress Ford
Mistress Page
Mistress Quickly
Nym, a follower of Falstaff
Peter Simple, Slender’s servant
Pistol, a follower of Falstaff
Robert Shallow, a country justice of the peace
Robin, Falstaff’s page
Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh parson
Sir John Falstaff
The Host of the Garter Inn


Director and Designer
Front-of-house Manager
Lighting Design & Rigging
Lighting Design & Rigging
Lighting Operation
Production Co-ordination
Publicity photographs
Set construction
Set painting
Set painting
Sound Design
Sound Operation
Wardrobe Mistress

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