The Heiress

“I’ve heard it said, often, that a bad dress rehearsal means a good first night, and vice versa. If we’re to believe that, then the opening night of THE HEIRESS at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley last Tuesday clearly followed an excellent dress rehearsal.” – The Stage, 5th March 1992

“An excellent play very well presented in a magnificently detailed early Victorian setting is having well-deserved audience support at the Churchill, Bromley.” – The Stage, 12th March 1992

Cast & Crew


Arthur Townsend
  (credited as as Chris Barritt)
Catherine Sloper
Dr Austin Sloper
Marian Almond
Morris Townsend
Mrs Elizabeth Almond
Mrs Lavinia Penniman
Mrs Montgomery


Assistant Producer
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Play description

Adapted from Henry James’ WASHINGTON SQUARE by Ruth and Augustus Goetz.

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