Richard III

Cast & Crew


Berkley/Sir Richard Ratcliffe
Duchess of York
Duke of Buckingham
Duke of Clarence/Cardinal Bouchier
Earl of Derby
Earl of Oxford
Earl Rivers
Edward IV/Thomas Rotheram/Earl of Richmond
Edward Prince of Wales
John Morton/Sir James Tyrrel
Keeper/Tressel/Duke of Norfolk
Lady Anne
Lord Grey/Messenger
Lord Hastings
Marquesss of Dorset
Murderer/Lord Lovel
Murderer/Sherrif of Wiltshire
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Margaret
Queen Margaret (alt)
Richard Duke of York
Richard III
Scrivener/Sir Walter Herbert
Sir Robert Brackenbury/Sir James Blunt
Sir William Catesby




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  1. On 23rd October 2015 at 8:01 p.m., Oneontheaisle noted:

    I saw this as a schoolboy. I remember Badel being perfectly cast in a traditional Elizabethan style production in ecclesiastical setting of St George’s. I can still clearly hear him saying the line “Clarence be closely mewd up” with his tight lips closing together on the m as his hand gave a grasping gesture. Fascinating to think I must have seen Wolfit’s daughter.

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