Richard III

Cast & Crew


Archbishop of York
Bishop of Ely
Court Lady
Court Lady
Court Lady
Duchess of York
Duke of Buckingham
Earl of Oxford
Earl of Richmond
Earl of Surrey
Earl of Surrey;Guard
Edward IV
Edward P. of Wales
Edward P.of Wales
Edward Plantagenet
Edward Plantagenet
George Duke of Clarence
Ghost of Henry VI
Keeper of the Tower
Lady Anne
Lord Grey
Lord Hastings
Lord Mayor
Lord Rivers
Lord Stanley
Margaret Plantagenet
Margaret Plantagenet
Marquess of Dorset
Messenger; Guard
Messenger; Guard
Murderer 1
Murderer 2
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Margaret
Richard Duke of York
Richard Duke of York
Richard III
Richard Ratcliffe
Robert Brakenbury
Sir James Blunt
Sir James Tyrrel
Sir Walter Herbert
Sir William Catesby
Tressel; Norfolk
William Brandon


Light Designer
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  1. On 26th February 2013 at 12:54 p.m., S Poyzer noted:

    Very fortunate to see such an excellent production. Antony Sher was magnificent.

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