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Cast & Crew


Acis (Part 5)
Adam (Part 1); The Ghost of Adam (Part 5)
  (credited as Coli, should be Colin)
Arjillax (Part 5)
Burge-Lubin (Part 3); Badger-Bluebin (Part 4)
Cain (Part 1); Ozymandias (Part 5)
Chloe (Part 5)
Cleopatra-Semiramis (Part 5)
Confucius (Part 3)
Conrad Barnabas (Part 2); Barnabas (Part 3)
Ecrasia (Part 5)
Eve (Part 1); Amaryllis (Part 5)
  (credited as Gw, should be Gwen)
Franklyn Barnabas (Part 2)
Fusima (Part 4)
  (credited as Margaret, should be Margery)
Joyce Burge (Part 2); General Aufsteig (Part 4)
Lilith (Part 5)
Lubin (Part 2)
Maiden (Part 5)
Maiden (Part 5)
Maiden (Part 5)
Martellus (Part 5)
Mrs Badger-Bluebin (Part 4)
Negress (Part 3)
Rev. William Haslam (Part 2); Archbishop of York (Part 3) ; He-Ancient (Part 5)
Savvy Barnabas (Part 2); Zoo (Part 4)
Strephon (Part 5)
The Elderly Gentleman (Part 4)
The Oracle (Part 4)
The Serpent (Part 1); She-Ancient; The Ghost of the Serpent (Part 5)
Voice of the Telephone Operator (Part 3); Miss Badger-Bluebin (Part 4); Maiden (Part 5)
Youth (Part 5)
Youth (Part 5)
Youth (Part 5)
Youth (Part 5)
  (credited as Noel, should be Norman)
Youth (Part 5)
Youth (Part 5)
Youth (Part 5)
Youth (Part 5)
Youth (Part 5)
Zozim (Part 4); Pygmalion (Part 5)


Assistant stage manager
Stage Manager


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