Roger Sansom

Roger Sansom has been in the profession since the Sixties, has worked around the British Isles and beyond, and has broadcast and been on television.

He portrayed Prime Minister John Major in the BBC’s political programme “On the Record” in the lead-up to the 1997 General Election.

Roger was born in Worcester, and has been married to Maggie since 1979; they have two adult children.

He is a Trustee of Logos Theatre Company, and has held in turn other key roles including Artistic Director and Committee Chair. Logos was endowed by the late Kenneth McClellan to continue his work of performing the classics in appropriate and ungimmicky ways.

For Logos Roger scripted “Wilde Blooms”, a presentation adapted from some of Oscar Wilde’s shorter, non-theatre writings.

And he created an acting edition of the Restoration comedy “The London Cuckolds”, which is fully copyrighted but may be accessed online through Logos’s website, at:

Roger has appeared in about twenty of Shakespeare’s thirty-seven plays, some more than once.

He is not the Roger Sansom of Roger Sansom Productions. There has been at least one namesake in the world of theatre, and this once caused a problem for Roger the Equity member. Earlier, when in rep, Roger answered a telephone call which turned out to be for a local volunteer, not a professional, whom he knew by a different surname! Much of this overlapping is unclear, but it has caused confusion.

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