Kensyn Crouch

Kensyn Crouch was born in Essex, England in 1932, the second of the five sons of Reg and Jane Crouch.
He was educated at South Park Elementary School, and at the Ilford County High Grammar School.
After National Service in the Royal Signals, during which he served as a radio mechanic in Cyprus and Egypt, he returned to England and made his first appearance as an actor in 1954at the Grand Theatre, Halifax, Yorkshire playing Arthur Hapgood in “Come Back, Peter”.
This was followed by ten years in weekly rep., three weekly rep, and touring in “No Time For Sergeants”, “The Burning Glass”, “Rebecca”, “Hot and Cold in All Rooms”,
“Go Back For Murder”, and lots, lots more.
After those years of provincial theatre he made his West End debut in 1964 in “Diplomatic Baggage, which proved to be the start of ten years in the West End, playing in ”The Chinese Prime Minister“, with Dame Edith Evans, ”The Cavern“ with Siobhan McKenna, ”Incident At Vichy“, with Sir Alec Guinness, and ”The Odd Couple“ with Jack Klugman, during the run of which he took a course for mature students at RADA. These plays were followed by three comedies at the Garrick Theater, which occupied seven of the ten West End years, and a final London appearance in ”The Toys of God“.
In 1973, mainly because he got the opportunity, he immigrated to the U.S., making his first appearance in ”You Know I Can’t Hear You When The Water’s Running“ in Birmingham, Alabama. This was followed by productions of ”Barefoot in the Park“, ”My Three Angels“, ”Twigs“, ”Dracula“ , ”Charley’s Aunt“, ”As You Like It“.
”The Merchant of Venice“, and ”The Comedy of Errors“ when, playing Egeon he had the pleasure of speaking the first words from the stage of the brand new John D. Archbold Theatre, in Syracuse.
He has also played in the National companies of ”Move Over, Mrs. Markham“, ”Absurd Person Singular“, ”The Elephant Man“ and in New York in ”Gimme Shelter“, ”What the Butler Saw“, and ”Dearest and Best". There have also been many TV appearances and TV commercials over the years.
Kensyn entered retirement in 1997, but still entertains offers of work for men in the age range of 70–90.

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