E Vivian Tidmarsh

“Honeymoon For Three” and “Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?” are effectively the same play although the latter has a couple of additional characters.

Tidmarsh was credited variously as “Vivian Tidmarsh”, “E Vivian Tidmarsh” or “E V Tdmarsh”

“Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?” ran for over 900 performances in the West End and was filmed three times. The first time was in 1947 as a Swedish film “Brollopsnatten” or “Wedding Night”. The second time was in 1950 as a German film “Die gestorte Hochzeitsnacht” or “The Disturbed Wedding Night”. The final time was in 1953 as a British film under its more famous title “Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary”. This version was scripted by future “Carry On” writer Talbot Rothwell and the plot and characters were altered slightly.

An American film of 1941 called “Honeymoon For Three” has nothing to do with the play and may be the reason why the title was changed for the 1944 West End run.

The play was televised twice by the BBC:-
1960 As part of the Sunday Night Plays series
1967 As part of the Brian Rix Theatre of Laughter series

In both productions Brian Rix played the part of Lawrence Vining

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