Mary Hinton

Mary was a stage name. She was
Emily Rachel Forster (1896 – 1979) the first wife of Capt. G.H.L.F. Pitt-Rivers. They divorced in 1930.

He was wounded in WWI, inherited a huge estate, including the Pitt-Rivers Museum at Oxford, had been aide de champ to his ex-father-in-law the Governor-General of Australia – and was one of the wealthiest men in England. He wrote several books on politics and was interned for 2 years during WWII as a Fascist supporter.

His son, Michael Pitt-Rivers served as a major during the war. Later arrested and convicted of “buggery” ("conspiracy to incite certain male persons to commit serious offences with male persons”) along with 2 others: A young peer, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, and a “charming solicitor” and journalist Peter Wildeblood. The highly publicized case and Wildeblood’s legal campaign and book, Against the Law, helped lead to the decriminalizing of homosexuality in England in 1967. The infamous “Montagu Trial” was made into a BBC movie.

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