Gordon Harker

Born in London in 1885, (William) Gordon Harker was the son of famous scenic artist Joseph Cunningham Harker.
He toured Australia with Oscar Asche, served in the 1st World War and played leading stage roles in London.
He played comedy roles in most of the Edgar Wallace talkies. After his debut in ‘The Ring’ Harker quickly became one of the most popular of Britain’s character actors. In the mid 1930s he was the star of many classic films including ROME EXPRESS and FRIDAY 13th.
He came from a talented family, As well as his father his great uncle was John O’Connor R A whose paintings can be seen in the National Gallery. He was cousin to Daisy Ashford who wrote ‘The Young Visiters’ when she was 9 years old.
He is best remembered for the title role int he Inspector Hornleigh series. His last film was LEFT, RIGHT AND CENTRE. He died in 1967

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