Becky J

Past Productions:
The Vagina Monolgues: ‘My Angry Vagina’ Bristol Bierkeller/ Alma Tavern theatre (2016)
Care as Chrissy: Makeshift Wings (2015)
Salvation as Maud: Makeshift Wings (2015)
The Vagina Monologues: ‘Because he liked to look at it’ Bristol Bierkeller (2014)
Robin Goodfellow is single: (Director) Makeshift Wings (2013)
Connect Four as Rose: Makeshift Wings Theatre Company (2013)
Quintessence of Dust as Ophelia: The Libertine Theatre Company (2011)
Dancing at Lughnasa as Christina: Full Theatre Company (2011)
Women of Troy as Natalie: Breakout Theatre Company (2010)
Some Voices as Laura: RoomOne Productions tour (2009)
Alice in Wonderland as Alice (2008)
The Country Wife as Lucy (2009)
Cardiff Station 1am as The Girl with Wet Hair (2008)
Who Killed Kennedy? as Sarah Baker (2007)
A Star is Murdered as Dot Flowers (2007)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream as Peaseblossom (2007)


Connect Four:

‘Each actor (Jolliffe and Williams included) embodied their character fully and rarely missed a trick in bringing them to life (or unlife?). I was particularly impressed by Jolliffe’s emotional performance, spending a proportion of her stage-time in tears and Rupert Bathurst’s take on the violent and passionate Nate, who’s tragic tale unfolds piece by piece – running a central thread through the patchwork of these characters entwined lives.’

Dancing at Lughnasa:

‘Top marks must go to R Jolliffe, whose portrayal of mum-of-one Christina, was wholly believable and undeniably moving. The scenes with her child’s father, Gerry (played by Phillip Baker) were among the highlights of the play (that and some awesome dance moves). Her Irish accent was fantastic too, along with the heart-warmingly down to earth and funny Maggie.’

Some Voices:

‘Ray was just spot on, his reactions, tone of voice and the character’s struggles were to me a mirror image of many I have known in real life. The same goes for Laura (R Jolliffe) who was also superbly acted. She voiced so clearly the words of so many in her situation and so believably.’

‘Brilliantly acted, beautifully directed … A fantastic show, see it if you can!’

‘One epic emotional rollercoaster throughout! Brought tears to my eyes at times, of laughter and sadness… Well worth a watch!’

Past productions


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