Len Richmond

Len Richmond. An American from Santa Monica, California, Len Richmond created and co-wrote one of the most popular comedy series on British Television. Agony, about an advice columnist whose life is in disarray, has been broadcast in 26 countries (including twice on PBS). The series was nominated for numerous BAFTA and Writer’s Guild Awards, and won the Banff International Television Festival where it was named, “Best Situation Comedy in the World.” It was revived by the BBC as Agony Again. U.S. television adapted the format and it became The Lucie Arnaz Show on CBS. Working and living in Paris, Mr. Richmond wrote the popular French TV detective series Le Chinois starring the legendary Charles Aznavour. Back in Britain he created another highly-rated comedy series, Split Ends. In the United States, he wrote for the ABC sitcom, Three’s Company. In addition to “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer”, Len wrote and directed the documentary, “Everything Bad is Good: Healing Yourself in a World of Medicine Gone Mad”. Most recently, he wrote the book and lyrics for the CD and stage production of Marijuana: the Musical. His website is Len Richmond Films.com

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