Laurance Rudic

Born Glasgow. Trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama 1969–1972, and also with The Lindsay Kemp Company. Working with Kemp introduced him to a way of creative spontaneity within the live performance which he has been developing ever since. He joined the Glasgow Citizens Theatre Company in 1972 and worked with them until 1996. The company which presented European and rarely performed English classics was run by a triumvirate – Giles Havergal, Philip Prowse and Robert David McDonald. Their belief in the actor as creative artist gave Rudic the opportunity to work on the development of a spontaneous and intuitive way in dramatic action which he calls, ‘dynamic meditation’. When not working at The Citz, he spent time in India ,Tibet and North Africa looking for clues to the development of an authentic whole-self approach to performance more in keeping with his own sense of transient existence. Most recently, he has been refining his approach in Egypt, inspired by the dying breed of improvising bards in the epic tradition. In 2006 he returned to Glasgow to present a solo dynamic improvising work entitled, ‘And God Created…’; and in 2008, he went back to direct and feature in the UK & European premiere of a Tennessee Williams short play entitled, ‘The Parade’. The action in the performance was deliberately fluid, requiring the actors to depend on their own strong sensory and intuitive connections, so that no performance was ever the same.

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