Torbay Theatre Company

Past productions

The Stage, 28 October 1965
The recently formed Torbay Theatre Company open their season on October 30 at Torquay Pavilion with “A Man For All Seasons”, directed by Joan Knight. The production will be followed by “Under Milk Wood”, “Pygmalion”, “Hay Fever” and “Beauty and the Beast”. The company includes Christopher Burgess, who is to play Sir Thomas More in the opening play, Mary Griffiths, Hilary Hardiman, Bob Harris, Gavin Reed. Dennis Adams, Peter Mason, Laurence Kernig, Aidan Turner, Rod Beecham, Gillian Fairchild, Paul Harper and Peter Doherty. David Herman is the stage director and Suzanne Billings is the designer.

Coventry Telegraph, 5 January 1966
Torquay’s repertory group, the Torbay Theatre Company, will end on January 22
after three months, Torquay Town Council, its sponsors decided yesterday…