Duncun C. Weldon and Jerome Minskoff for Triumph Theatre Productions Ltd

Past productions

Should read Duncan
They also produced Fiddler on the Roof at the Manchester Opera House in 1987.
Tevye – Topol
Golde -Thelma Ruby
Hodel – Leigh Samuels
Tzeitel – Sandra Fox
Chava – Amanda Noar
Shprintze – Amanda Govey
Bielke – Ludia Sith
Yente – Anna Tzelniker
Motel – Simon Bamford
Perchik – Paul Downing
Lazar Wolf – Michael Mawby
Mordcha – Nigel Nevinson

Company Manager Tony Cundell
SM Ges Ashby
DSM Tracy Jaques
ASMs Jenny Campbell, Camilla Clutterbuck
Costume Supervisor June Youldon